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HOPE Cape Town projects to help in the fight to prevent HIV and AIDS

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HOPE Cape Town conducts a variety of prevention and awareness training courses, all tailored to the needs of the organisation requesting it. The topics covered range from purely prevention, awareness, treatment options, peer to peer training up to medical questions and advice regarding AIDS policies.

HOPE Cape Town considers prevention as an essential part of fighting the pandemic; treatment makes sense only if a prevention programme is part of it and this involves informing people who are uninfected as well as those who are already infected with the HI virus.


HOPE Cape Town has conducted workshops in the past for the ArabellaSheraton Group in South Africa, Grand Roche Hotel (Paarl), TotalGaz South Africa, Fountain House (house for mentally handicapped people), various NGO's and schools, church communities and medical institutions among others.

For NGO's, the training is for free (only travel costs apply if far away from Cape Town), companies usually give an appropriate donation, determined by themselves. HOPE Cape Town is aware that there is a growing market of so called "professionals" earning quite a substantial income on such training. We feel that NGO's, which live on the support of companies, should give back to them in the form of training and knowledge. Only then, a real and meaningful partnership can develop.

HOPE Cape Town is performing its workshops and training only on request. Interested parties can contact us

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