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Our Partner: Freundeskreis HOPE Cape Town Trust e. V.


The aim of our association “Friends of HOPE Cape Town Trust e. V.” which is member of the “One World Network Bavarian e. V.” is to support HOPE Cape Town financially on a long term base. All the funding (membership fees and donations) we will forward to HOPE Cape Town. The activities of “Friends of HOPE Cape Town” shell also create awareness of the HIV/AIDS problem in South Africa as well as it’s the social effects. We have our own homepage under the following link:

With reports and articles in well-regarded German newspapers we were able to call attention to our association. Besides the recruitment of new members, we focussed on making contact with German companies which are operatively active in South Africa. We hope the result of this will be a remarkable accrual of financial funds. All members want to help with their engagement to provide hope and a chance for a worth living future to the HIV/AIDs effected children in South Africa and they are proud to be able to support HOPE Cape Town actively.

Our Partner: Freundeskreis HOPE Cape Town Rheinland-Pfalz


Members of the Freundeskreis HOPE Cape Town Rheinland-Pfalz at the 18. Koblenzer AIDS/Hepatitis Forum in Koblenz on September 20th 2014: from left to right: Dr med Ansgar Rieke (Immunologische Ambulanz Koblenz); Martin Däumer (Labor Thiele; Kaiserslautern); Stefan Hippler; Gerhard Wermter und Hanna Jones (RAT&TAT Koblenz e.V.)

4500€ donated by the Ministry of the Interior of Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany was the achievement from the Freundeskreis HOPE Cape Town Rheinland-Pfalz in 2014. This project related donation was used to organize 100 school uniforms for HIV-positive girls and boys looked after by HOPE Cape Town. Since children in South Africa are obliged to wear school uniforms, this is an important step towards equal opportunities. Education is still the key to a hopefully better future.

News from Germany: The AIDS-Hilfe Koblenz e.V. (member of the Freundeskreis HOPE Cape Town Rheinland-Pfalz) has changed its name to “RAT&TAT Koblenz e.V.” (translated to ADVICE&ACT Koblenz e.V.). This new and neutral name helps us to work against stigmatism and prejudices and is customer friendly. Many clients often had problems to step in our office because they feared to be identified as a HIV-positive woman or man.